Wandering Through Christmas Markets

Back into 2010 I went to Cologne, Germany for the Christmas Markets. I loved it! Again this trip was my mum joined me on, but this time it was decided from the start to go together, which was nice. We decided to go over a weekend in early December so it would feel christmassy.

It was quite cold, but we wrapped up and had lost of gluhwein to keep us warm 🙂

There were about 5 markets placed around the city and they were open all day and late into the evening. I think they were still open at 10pm or maybe even later. They got very busy in the evening with lots of people visiting after work. Also they were very busy on the weekend days, when buses would come in from all over for the day. I would recommend going the markets on a weekday to avoid the crowds.









The main market is located by Cologne Cathedral, which you can climb up the spires. So of mum and I did 🙂





We also visited the Lindt chocolate factory as something a bit different!nof course we had to try the hot chocolate in e cafe 🙂





Overall it was a lovely trip. The Christmas markets meant you always had something to do. Cities in winter can get a bit boring, especially when it is cold, but the markets mean you can stay outside for most of the day and get hot drinks and food to keep you warm. Also a lot of the huts and food venders had heaters so the markets themselves were often nice temperatures, even for being outside.

I loved the atmosphere of the markets and the city at that time of year so would recommend to anyone to head to at least one! I want to visit other markets, such as those in Munich and maybe give the ones in France and Austria a go 🙂

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