Wandering Through Rome

It was way back in 2009 that I went to Rome, but I wanted to share it with you. I loved it so much I want to go back. I went with my mum, or rather I decided to go and mum decided to join me so I didn’t have to go on my own. I get on really well with her and she let me be the tour guide so we went where I wanted to go, with her input on decisions based on a previous visit with dad. She also was e main one to suggest drink stops 🙂


We stayed in a hotel right by the Trevi Fountian, which was great. It was a great location to reach everywhere, but also meant we didn’t have to go far in the evenings if we didn’t want to.


We stayed in Rome 4 nights so we would have 3 full days and 2 half days. It was a good amount of time. We took an easy jet flight from Bristol which is super easy for us.

The day we headed towards the Vatican. We decided to do this straight away in order to give us time if the queues were really long, which mum had found when she had visited before on a weekend. We took in the sights along the way. We wandered through the city in the general direction we needed, but took various streets that looked interesting, rather than follow a planned route. It was fun 🙂






When we arrived the queue was fairly long, but it bombed quickly into St Peters Basilica. The first thing we did was climb to the roof!







We made our way to the Sistine Chapel. You weren’t allowed to take photos, but a lot of people were. I didn’t as I just wanted to look at it. It was impressive and well worth the visit. The only shame was that they let so many people in at a time. They wanted everyone to be quiet but everyone ignored the signs and the guards. I imagine it could be a very peaceful place if there were less people, but never mind.

The next day we went to the Pantheon. This was my favourite place I think. I loved the square outside. I loved the location. It felt as though you just come across it as you can’t see it from the surrounding streets. The atmosphere in the square was relaxed and fun. I loved the scale of the pillars – I have a thing for pillars, not sure why and totally random!





Mum and I love to go to the top of things. So any building that allows you to go to the roof we take advantage of. It’s probably because of the amazing views you get from these places. Things you don’t get to see from ground level. It puts places into a different perspective.




The part of Rome I wanted to see was all the parts from ancient Rome. The Colosseum and the Roman Forum were amazing. A tip I got from my Guide book was to go to the Forum first and get a dual ticket, this way you miss the lines at the Colosseum!

We got the audio guide for the Forum. I took to repeating everything they said to mum who was quite happy wandering around without one. I wanted to know everything. However as there is little shade in the Forum and it was a hot day in June, we skimmed some parts. The best thing we found to do was find a sport to sit where you can see a few things and then listen to the audio guide. I would recommend getting a guide as there aren’t many signs at all and it would be difficult to work out what is meant to be what from the ruins on the ground.








The ruins are amazing and were a great introduction before heading to the Colosseum. We headed there next and got to skip the long queues. This was okay to do in the midday or afternoon as there are plenty of places to sit in the shade. We wandered around then found somewhere to sit and read the information in the guide book. We didn’t bother with an audio guide here.





We concentrated on seeing the main sights, but there are so many other things to see in Rome. When I go back I want to wander the city and explore the lesser seen things, such as odd ruins we came across while heading to other places. I could spend a long time wandering Rome and not get bored.

The food was also amazing! However this trip was before I started to take photos of food and therefore I don’t have any. The pizza, pasta, wine, coffee, and gelato were all fantastic and I would love to live off those food forever. Every place has their own take on things and therefore 2 pizzas were never the same. There are some great tiny places dotted along the streets where you can get reasonably priced food, but otherwise the main tourist areas are quite expensive. I imagine this is still the case with the way the euro is at the moment.

We were so lucky with the weather on this trip. It was sunny and dry everyday. It occasionally got a bit too hot, but that is the perfect time to stop for a drink in the shade. I would go in June again as it is warm, but before the peak tourist season so not as busy as it is likely to get.

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