Adventures in Tea… Peppermint Tea

I’ve been trying to cut back on the amount of caffeine I consume, so I have been looking for an alternative hot drink for the evenings. I am finding it colder than home in Canada and I’m outside for more of the time than I would be at home so I have been needing hot drinks in the evening when I would normally stick with water.

My new obsession is peppermint tea!

I don’t know why I haven’t had this regularly before now. I have had it on the odd occasion, normally when I’m trekking and staying in tents to keep warm in the evenings, but never at home.

I started with the Starbucks Refresh tea.



I really liked this tea. It is strong, but the hint of tarragon breaks up the mint a bit. I like that it’s loose leaf tea in a big tea bag. This is much nicer tea than the stuff you can buy at the supermarket.

I have also tried the Blenz peppermint tea.


This one is also nice, but not as nice as the Refresh one. I think the tea is not loose leaf and it tastes drier than the other one. It is still nice and a good alternative to coffee and black tea in the evening.

Overall I am loving the peppermint tea. It is a refreshing change for evening drinking. It’s also very relaxing. I have been enjoying sipping in a tea and reading my book 🙂

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