Adventures in Books…Seizure

The second book of my trip was the 2nd book in the Kathy Reichs teen series called Seizure.


The Virals’ home on Loggerhead Island is under threat, and only one thing can save it: a lot of money.A 300-year-old legendRumour has it that notorious pirate Anne Bonny hid her treasure somewhere in Charleston in 1720. No-one knows where, but Tory Brennan – great-niece of famous forensic anthropologist Dr Tempe Brennan – is certain that the Virals can work out Bonny’s cryptic clues.A deadly pathIt isn’t long before the Virals are on the right track. But they aren’t the only ones searching for the treasure.Someone is following them, and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.Dead bodies litter the trail. Time is running out before the island will be sold. Will the Virals’ special powers be enough to save them?

I loved the first one and found this one just as good. A very easy read targeted at teens, but I love Kathy Reichs writing style. It is very similar to the Temperance Brennen books, but less adult. I loved the mystery and crime aspect of the books, but as its teen focused it is more adventure like than than her other books.

I found the story interesting and the history aspect of the story good as well. I love that the kids are up to date with technology and use it to their advantage. Some things are unrealistic but I don’t kind as its a story 🙂

Overall a great adventure read that kept me saying just one more chapter until I reached the end!

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