Adventures in Coffee… Bean Around the World

Yesterday started out grey and cold with a little snow on the ground, but at the morning ended the sun came out and I strolled down to Yaletown.

Yaletown is a funky place and I really like wandering around the shops one nice day. It is more of an evening place as there are lots of bars and restaurants, but Saturday afternoons are good for the shops 🙂

I found non Starbucks or Blenz coffee shop called Beam Around the World. I fell for the name so headed inside.


I loved that although they did food and drinks they also imported and sold all different types of coffee beams from around the world. The bean menu was longer than the drink menu!


I went for my standard drink – the nonfat latte made with the house beans.



A good decision I think. It was served very hot, which I like. It was also served quite strong so the milk didn’t overpower the coffee, just calmed down the bitterness. It was a good bean for a latte.

I love going for coffee in Canada. They all have free wifi and I have never felt rushed to leave. People go to coffee shops to work and so can be there all afternoon sometimes. I love it. If I worked from home I would do this! Unfortunately track home the wifi is not as good and the better limit you to 30 minutes! The lowest time limit here is 2 hours, which is plenty of time for me 🙂

The cafe also had a good funky selection of music on. I especially liked the ghostbusters theme that came on at one point 🙂

It think I will return for lunch when I’m back in Vancouver at the end of my trip!

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