Adventures in Food… Samurai Japanese on Davie

Last night I really wanted sushi but could not be bothered to walk anywhere as it has turned cold over the last few days.

Luckily there are a few sushi restaurants on the main street a block up from my hostel. I went for the nearest one and loved it!


It was a simple place with a great atmosphere. I has seen it was really busy the night before, with lots of Japanese students filling up the place. I think if Japanese people will go to a japanese restaurant it must be good and authentic, right? I felt it was.

I also treated myself to a well earned beer. I haven’t had any alcohol since new year, which is not unusual for me, but as I haven’t been driving even I am a little surprised!


I went with a combination meal as I like to see how they do most of the food before ordering specific things.

It started with a plate of sushi – california roll and nigiri salmon, tuna and prawn. They were huge pieces!


The the chicken teriyaki and tempura arrived!


It also came with rice and miso soup, but I left most of the rice as I didn’t need it and I think you are only supposed to eat it to fill you up, but there was more than enough for me 🙂

It was a great value meal and I am totally going back therein my trip. It is convenient and provided plenty to eat per meal so it is a great choice for travellers like me 🙂

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