Adventures in Coffee… Maple Delight Maple Latte

Another day, another coffee 🙂

I am balancing between cost and new coffees to try. So am please when I find a brand new one to try!

The Maple Latte can only be a product of Canada and I loved it!


I saw this shop in Gastown as I was wandering through. So I thought I would take a look thinking it was just another touristy maple shop, but no it was a lovely little cafe.

Full of maple syrup and other maple themed products!



I decided to try the maple latte as I love lattes and thought the addition of maple syrup would be a great a good idea – it was! I loved it. It was sweet, it not sickly like some coffee syrups can be. It was like a sweet coffee, but had the distinct maple taste to it. It was a subtle taste and it didn’t overpower the coffee, which was great.



Overall they got the right amount of syrup in the coffee and that was great. I think I will try this at home when I fancy a sweet coffee 🙂

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