Wandering around Kitsilano

It is another lovely sunny day in Vancouver, although the temperature has dropped, but I love it when the sun is out and it’s cold. It’s so beautiful 🙂

This morning I decided to head out of downtown and to Kitsilano for a wander and breakfast. I decided to go to Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe on 4th as it was recommended in Lonely Planet!


I got the last able inside. It said it was popular, but I didn’t think it would be so busy on a Thursday! I didn’t mind though as the atmosphere was chilled out with peebles enjoying their breakfasts. They had a large menu for such a small place. I couldn’t decide to begin with but then went with pancakes with a side of fruit and yogurt.


I’m so glad I went for some fruit. I think my body has been craving it as I really haven’t had much since I arrived. I must make more effort to eat fruit and veggies for the rest of of my trip!

I also had the house coffee – unlimited refills!


I loved this cafe. The walls were full of retro memorabilia and toys.



I also loved the divides between tables were made up from old coke bottles!


The placemats were copies of kids drawings about the cafe, which was sweet.


Overall a great little cafe and a great neighbourhood. I think I would want to get a place here is I moved to Vancouver. The atmosphere is very relaxed and it has everything you need so you wouldn’t have to go downtown if you didn’t want to. Plus the beach is only a few blocks down the way and Granville Island is not far away either 🙂

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