Adventures in Food… Grounds for Coffee

I love this little cafe on the bus route to UBC in Vancouver!

Since I last was here, it has expanded its menu, as it used to basically only do cinnamon buns. But not it does muffins and soups and some other lunch time choices. But I came for the cinnamon rolls!


They are served with or without icing and also warm. They are super gooey so you have to eatit with a knife and fork.


They are super sweet and therefore very sickly so this was brunch for me 🙂


I also went for a coffee to break up the sweetness.


I love that this is still the only outlet for this business. They haven’t expanded like other places I’ve seen since I was here 7 years ago. They have updated the furniture and art work, but otherwise it is still the same and I love it’s character!



They also offer free wifi now which is fantastic!

I love the old school furniture, especially the old dressing table they use for the milk and spoons 🙂


If I ever get married I want this place to do my wedding cake like this –

You have to stop here if you are ever in Vancouver! It is a bit out of downtown, but well worth the trip 🙂

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