Adventures in Food… White Spot

I have a mental list of restaurants I want to revisit while in Vancouver and White Spot was one of them.

I can’t remember how I found out about this place, but I am glad I did. I went there for lunch today as my feet have given up so needed somewhere I could sit down for a while and slowly eat lunch. I was on the bus returning to the hostel when I noticed the White Spot. I jumped off the bus at the next stop and headed inside.

This one was under a hotel and not in a great location for passing trade, which was great for me as it was very quiet and that’s how I like restaurants when I eating alone.

The menu has changed, but the thing I wanted was still there – the bacon cheese burger!

I really go for burgers, but there was something about this one I loved. I could remember what until it arrived.


First up the pickle on top of the bun 🙂

Then the coleslaw! I love this coleslaw! I must add pumpkin seeds to a recipe and try this out.


Then the Triple O sauce in the burger 🙂


All these things add up to a good burger for me. Of course the quality of the meat is very important too, so that also helps.

The menu is a lot more than just burgers and I would recommend giving it a look if you find yourself near one 🙂

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