Adventures in Food… Sharuku Japanese

I’ve been in Vancouver less than a week and I have already been to the same restaurant twice!

Sharuku was here when I studied 7 years a go, but it has changed. I think they did a big refurb during all the work for the 2010 winter Olympics and now it is more up market than it was.

It still has the sushi bar which is great, especially when you only need a table for one.

One the first day I had a bento box to try a bit of everything.


I also went for the green tea. It used to come by the glass but now they serve it in your own cast iron teapot. I want one!


The second visit I had the tea again. No one can do green tea like the japanese. It’s just so much nicer than other green teas.


I then ordered the pork udon and the goyza.



They were both amazing dishes, but too much together. I couldn’t finish the udon noodles. Last time I came you only got a few dumpling, but this time 5 came and they were amazing I couldn’t leave any! They are made from mince pork and chicken and spices with a whole prawn in the centre. They are then steamed and fried to get a crispy bottom. They are served with a light soya type sauce that is very good.

Overall both visits were fantastic. It is a bit pricey, so I doubt I’ll be heading there again, well maybe at the end of my trip 😉

Definitely worth a visit if you are on Granville Street in Vancouver!

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