Adventures in Tea… Starbucks Awake

I’ve been trying to make an effort to drink tea on my trip as otherwise I would live on coffee!

The other morning I tried The Awake tea in Starbucks. It’s made by Tazo.


I let it steep for while and first had it black. I enjoyed it but then left the tea bag into too long while talking to my parents on FaceTime over the iPads. It was so funny. I got through okay, but then the connection wasn’t great so it kept pausing and my mum kept thinking she was doing something wrong. Also I spent a lot of time looking at the ceiling as they couldn’t figure out where to place it! I tried explaining the stand to them, but my mum ended up holding it. I love that they try and it does make easier for me than finding a phone card and a public phone.

So anyway back to the tea. I added milk to the second half of the cup and it was good again. Like a very strong cup of tea, builders brew if you like.


It reminded me a lot of Teapigs English breakfast tea. I really like e loose tea in a large tea bag as its much easier to find good tea than it used to be. The last time I came to Canada I couldn’t stand the tea! But now it’s good. I’m thinking of working my way through the Tazo menu and see what they have in Blenz 🙂

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