Wandering around Stanley Park


I love Vancouver. One of the main reasons is Stanley Park. It is a 5 minutes walk from Downtown (more from the hostel I am staying in) and you feel like you are no where near a city.

Today I wandered all the way around the 9km sea wall walk that skirts the edge of the park on all sides. I started from the West End and walked round to Downtown.


At the start, after a quick pit stop in Starbucks I found these funny statues.


It rained all the way round, but it didn’t matter. I enjoyed the solitude of walking without having to think where I was going.



I watched some crazy people rowing. With all the tankers in the bay behind.




The fact a major through road runs right through the centre of the mark is completely obscured until you walk under the bridge.

I found the totem poles at the end of the walk, but my camera got a bit wet and steamed up by this point. Plus I was freezing and need of a hot cup of coffee.



I would recommend spending your time walking around the park. I didn’t venture inside the park today, but plan to do that when I visit the aquarium. Also take a hat – my ears got cold at one point due to the wind picking up and it raining!

A great day and a great walk – my feet ache, but I don’t care 🙂

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