My Top Flight Tips

I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to go travelling and on holidays fairly regularly. So I have a few tips I would like to share for making flights, especially long haul flight more bearable.

1. Stay hydrated. Once you are through security a lot of the shops in the UK airports have offers on bottles of water which I recommend you take advantage off. I always buy 2 bottles, one for the flight and one for arrival. I then take advantage and get drinks every time they come round. I also grab water when get up for the toilet or to stretch my legs. Staying hydrated means I feel much better when I arrive and am much able to cope if things go wrong.

2. Get out of your seat. I find getting out of my seat every hour, or after every film makes me feel better and helps the flight go by. It eases up the legs and reduces the tension I build in my back from being tired and unable to move.

3. Stay entertained. If you can fall asleep great, but I cannot at all. So I watch movies. I go for ones I haven’t seen and watch as many as possible. Sometimes I read, but I need to be into the book already, I’m not very good at starting books on flights. I find keeping the brain focused on something stops me thinking about how long the flight and how long until it ends.

4. Use Face Wipes. I have started to take face wipes on flight recently as I find my skins get dry and spotty after flights as I leave my make up. So now once we have taken off I clean my face and it’s all good. They also double for tissues and hand cleaners if needed.

Thats it really. I also have things I must pack in my hand luggage, but that is really individual so I won’t go into that. I wanted to share a few things I have learnt over the years 🙂

Safe Wanderings!

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