Packing 2 Months in a Suitcase

Packing is the one thing I plan for ages before any trip and then always ignore the plan and just go with the flow 🙂

This time though I used my list and checked things as I went a long.

I like to plan packing to ensure I think of everything I might need. This gives me time to add to a list for a while before hand and make changes based on what I plan to do while away. This time a created a nice checklist on my computer and then used my iPad to check things off.

I start by laying everything I want to take out on the floor.


It always looks like I’m taking too much and this then lets me prioritise my packing and make sure I put the optional things in only if I have room.

I bought new suitcase last year and I can tell you it was the best idea. I love that it had 3 zipped compartments inside and opens in half completely. This has made packing a lot easier for this trip as I’ve been able to organise my clothes and other things in a way that will make living out of it easier for the next 2 months.


I also have a large carry on bag that matches the suitcase. As I’m travelling and staying in hostels I am also packing a small backpack and handbag. Both of which are going in the carry on for the flight, but it allows me to use it as extra luggage on the way home as I’m sure I will do some shipping while I’m away 😉


Now the question I always get asked when packing is whether I fold or roll. I like both ways for different reasons and different types of trips. One this trip I will be unable to unpack fully and therefore living out of the case for 2 months. In this situation I fold all my clothes to reduce creasing. On other holidays when I’ll be able to unpack fully and especially when taking a smaller bag I sometimes roll things. Often it depends on how I’m feeling. I don’t personally think rolling means you can get more in, but it does help with fitting things in a smaller bag.

Another must for packing with me is to have a spare set of clothes in my hand luggage. This all stems from my first trip to Canada when my bags got left in Edmonton by mistake and I was almost without clothes for 4 days. Luckily 2 turned up while I was queuing for my study visa, but my original carry on took a few days to arrive. So for this trip I have pyjamas, jeans, T-shirt and underwear in my carry on just in case!

I’m currently in the final stages of packing. Just a few things to put in my toiletry bag and hand luggage tomorrow and I’ll be ready to go!


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