January Fitness Challenge

I set some fitness goals for my trip a while back, but I want to make sure I stick to them once I’m actually travelling!

So thanks to Laura over at Becoming the Odd Duck, I have joined the January Fitness Challenge she set up!

I have put my fitness goals into the spreadsheet on Google Docs and when I arrive in Vancouver on Wednesday I will be all set to have a fantastic trip and keep my fitness goals focused and achievable 🙂

Just for a recap, my goals are:

  • Swim Once a Week while away
  • 100 Push Up Challenge – 3 sessions a week
  • 10,000 steps everyday
  • Other – if I go extra fitness
I haven’t decided what my incentive will be. Laura is going to buy boots. I’m thinking I’ll treat myself to something on my trip I would not get or do otherwise 🙂 I’ll update when I’ve decided!

Go take a look at Laura’s Blog and the January Fitness Challenge and join us!

Thanks Laura!

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