2012 is going to be My Year!

I am going to make 2012 my year!

I am feeling more positive and excited for what is coming up in my life and and going to look for opportunities to make it even better!

2011 is now over and it was what it was. I learnt a lot about myself and now I want to put that into practice and live the best way I can.

There are several things I want to achieve this year, but I don’t want to call them new years resolutions as I want them to be more than that. However the start of the year is a good time for me to start working on them. I don’t intend to change everything straight away, but rather make gradual changes to incorporate them into my life.

– Focus on fitness
– Focus on food that are good for my body
– Lose weight (as a impact of focusing on fitness and whole foods)
– Make the most of my Canada Trip
– Work to Live, not the other way
– Spend more time with my friends
– Worry less (using tools I learnt in 2011)
– Move out of my parents house
– Always have a trip to look forward to

In a way I plan to be more selfish. I plan to put myself first more than I have. I want to reduce the time I worry about what other people think and instead be okay with my feelings about things. I plan on putting a lot of things into practice on my trip as I will be on my own. I will be away from my main influences and have a chance to listen to myself for an extended period. I hope this will then help me on my return to make decisions based on what I want and need.

I’m excited about the future! I hope you are too 🙂

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