Christmas Recap

I was a very lucky girl this year!

I got 2 stockings, one on Christmas day and one on boxing day. I got lovely gifts from friends and family. Thank You!

My main presents from my parents were all swimming based 🙂

Firstly they paid for me to take part in a Swimming Bootcamp before christmas with my swimming coach Steve. It was 2 afternoon over 2 days that involved 2 hours in the pool followed by an hour in the gym.

We were supposed to be at our normal pool, but on the Friday before all the tiles had come up from the pool floor! this was almost a year to the day that our previous pool had a fire! We haven’t had much luck as a club in the last year, but there are some great people at the centres who pulled together and found another pool that would let us use the facilities so we could hold the Bootcamp 🙂

I had already spent the whole Sunday up north taking part in a Masters Swimming Clinic so had a lie in the next day to be ready for the Monday and Tuesdat afternoon sessions. it was hard work but so much fun! I ached everywhere , but it was a good ache and I know what I need to work on and that I want to work on!

The next part of my present was a poolmate swimming watch that counts lengths, strokes, calories and time for your swimming sessions. I will use this while I’m away as I am rubbish at counting lengths! It will also help me with my stroke technique as it will allow me to see the efficiency of my swimming by counting the strokes per length, which is something I’ve been working on with Steve.

The final part of present will be some swimming lessons on my return in March. It will give me one thing to do in March when I’ll have no money 🙂

Overall it was a very good Christmas. I think things will start to change from now on, so I made sure I enjoyed the whole thing!

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas too and Happy New Year!

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