Olympic Swim Clinic

This weekend I headed up north to Burnley for a Swimpodium Olympic Swim Clinic.

It was such a great day and I would recommend it for anyone who want to improve their swimming!

I drove up the day before with no problems. It was a familiar drive as it is was just about as far as Lancaster where I did my first degree in Geography back in 2003-6!

But I woke up to snow!

We don’t get much snow and so it makes me nervous to drive. More the ice that forms on the roads from the snow, than the snow. I was nervous about the drive home, but it turned out not to be a problem at all.

The day consisted of an introduction from Steve and meeting James. Then a 2 hour session in the pool concentrating on front crawl and breaststroke. A hard but great session.

We then headed to a studio to do a core circuit. SO hard but great. I will be taking things from this to do at home as we didn’t need any equipment. We used medicine balls, but we could use anything instead.

We then had a Q&A with Steve and James. Plus a bit of fun testing response times!

We then headed back into the pool for some work on starts, turns and butterfly. It was great fun. We did a lot of dive starts, which was great as I need to practice and get confident on these. Everyone but me did grab starts (feet together), but I prefer track starts (one foot in front of the other) so I got some one to one tuition from James! He really knows his stuff and some great tricks to make sure you are picking you best side. Basically we pushed each other to figure out which foot natural goes backward to steady us, then that’s the one we should put behind for power.

Such a good day. It was hard driving the 4 hours home, but coffee sorted that out 🙂

Now 2 more afternoon with Steve today and tomorrow! I

I’m going to ache Wednesday!

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