Christmas Cake

I love Christmas!

There are so many things I do that I didn’t realise until I’ve been able to blog about them all 🙂

We stopped making a Christmas cake a few years ago, but this year my mum decided to make a couple as me and dad really enjoyed the cake she made for a birthday a few months back.

Plus I got to decorate it!

Okay I didn’t actually bake it, but decorating is a skill!






As you can see I only had 3 colours to work with. I was torn between doing a stocking or a tree. Then I thought about putting presents around the side and decided the tree would be the best idea as I only had a little red and lots of green and yellow.

I couldn’t wait to have a slice and now I’ve decorated I don’t want to cut into it!

I bet that will be out the window by tomorrow 😉

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