This Isn’t Everything You Are


Every now and then a new song gets released that I totally relate to.

I got the new Snow Patrol album a week or so ago and love it! My favourite song so far is ‘This Isn’t Everything You Are’.

And in one little moment it all implodes
This isn’t everything you are
Breath deeply in the silence no sudden moves
This isn’t everything you are
Just take the hand that’s offered and hold on tight
This isn’t everything you are
There’s joy not far from here I know there is
This isn’t everything you are

I love singing a long to this and remember that thoughts and feelings are temporary and do not define me in one moment. I am more than that one moment, one thought, one feeling. I am me. I am complicated in a good way.

Trying blogging out from my new iPad and trying to figure out the whether to use the WordPress app or go through safari so please forgive me for the different format for a few posts.

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