Adventures in Coffee… Black Forest Hot Chocolate


Okay so not quite coffee, but it is from Costa Coffee.

I went to the new shop that has opened in my local town – so exciting! I swear the town has gotten a lot more things since it was made Royal!

Anyway this was late afternoon at the weekend and I didn’t want anymore caffeine so went for one of the Christmas hot chocolates they are currently doing.

The Black Forest Hot Chocolate is the standard hot chocolate with cherry syrup, whipped cream and cherry sauce on top.

It was very sweet. Like a dessert! I think the medium size was a bit too much. I would go smaller if I order it again. It was really nice as I love cherry flavour and added to chocolate it was great. I would just have to be in the mood for something extra sweet.

If I try it again I might ask if they can do it as a mocha. The added coffee might help with the sweetness.

Definitely worth a try though if you like hot chocolate or want a caffeine free drink 🙂

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