Baking Bread

I’ve been enjoying my day off and decided to bake some bread.

I admit I used a bread mix. One step at a time. I would like to make bread from scratch but I am not ready for that just yet.

I bought a Hovis Granary Bread mix from the supermarket a while a go, so decided to try that out.

I added butter and water and used a food processor to mix then knead it (I thought about hand kneading it, but no).

I then left it to rise for a good few hours under a damp tea towel.

After popping it in the oven I only had to wait  half an for hot fresh bread straight from the oven!

So good. It melted the brie I had on top without having to toast it under the grill. I would make this mix again, but would make the dough into rolls and then cook when I need them.

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