Adventures In Coffee… Costa Praline & Cream Latte

Today I headed to Costa at lunch to catch up with my friend Sian.

I continued my Christmas themed drinks with the new Costa Praline and Cream Latte. I got the cream on top as a special treat.

So Yum!

It was fairly sweet but in a nice way, not sickly like some lattes with syrup can be. I don’t feel it was especially christmassy, but it was nicer than just having a regular plain latte. I would definitely have one again.

Plus I treated myself to a new cake they do – chocolate and cherry brownie!

Amazing! Rich and chocolately. The cherries added a nice break to the chocolate. It was smooth brownie with crunchy bits of chocolate and crumbs. I am going to have to be strong and not look at the cakes, as this could be addictive!

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