Adventures In Tea… Spiced Winter Tea

I have decided to add Tea to my Adventures In series as I drink a lot of tea. Plus it’s another thing to make every day special and memorable. So here we go with my first tea!

I love Teapigs tea. I usually go for the green teas they do, like Jasmine Pearls or Popcorn, but this time I decided to try something new and went for their tea of the month Winter Spiced Red.

I love the box with the snow man on the front and couldn’t wait to get it for the run up to Christmas. I love drinking hot drinks in the evening but am also trying not to drink caffeine in the evening, so this is perfect!

The smell when I opened the box was amazing! Warming spices filled my nostrils and it felt like Christmas.

I also love the tea temples. They allow the whole leaf tea to steep and so you get to fully experience the tea. It allows the flavour and colour to come out.

I had a read of the back as I did not know the best way to serve this tea.

I decided to try it as suggested with a dash of milk and loved it! I will try the brandy option another time 🙂

I curled up on the sofa on the last Sunday in November and enjoyed every sip of this tea. If you want to give yourself a treat this winter, grab a box of this tea, it will warm you up from the inside.

Saying that I’m not sure 15 tea temples will last until Christmas. I may require another box….

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