Adventures in Coffee… Costa Gingerbread Latte

Over the weekend I carried on my Christmas coffee theme with the a Gingerbread Latte from Costa.

I loved the new Christmas cups and it made me happy I went through the drive through on the way home. I really do love Christmas and all the decorations. It really feels like over a month of celebrations and lots of things make me smile at this time of year!

We had the first frost of the winter yesterday! This is the UK and frost is often as cold as it gets, but it makes everything sparkle and glitter and is really nice to see when you leave the house early for work.

So back to the coffee. I have to say this is not a favourite of mine. Mainly because I don’t actually like gingerbread flavour, but I wanted to try it and blog about it as I love Christmas themed coffee 🙂

It is a normal latte with gingerbread syrup, so I liked the drink, just not the syrup. It was a bit sweet, but not overly so. Better than the Starbucks Chai I tried earlier in the year actually. I felt warming with the hint of spices, but there is something about gingerbread flavour that doesn’t work with my taste-buds. I found it left a lingering after-taste.

I would have it again as it was a nice alternative from my standard vanilla latte, but lighter (in calories) than the other Christmas options on offer.



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