Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks VIA Colombia

I’ve gotten lazy in work and keep forgetting to refill my coffee jar with nice ground ground for my french press.

So I have decided to try some instant/ground versions to see if they are okay.

I’ve started with the Starbucks Via Columbia.

It’s a medium blend that comes in a nicely decorated screw top pot. It is sealed airtight when you buy so it stays fresh. or as fresh as it can be after standing for how long knows on the shelf in the store.

The pot says you get 24 servings. My first question was how much is a serving and how do I measure it (the pouches they sell made sense for a while), but I found a nice little measuring spoon in the lid that help you out.

I actually was quite impressed with this. I had tried it a few times before, but usually in situations when instant is the only option. But for work this was easy and quick, especially when I needed a coffee for a meeting and didn’t have the time to prepare the French press.

The only down side to this is the cost.  At £6.99 a pot it is not cheap. But if you buy it with a Starbucks card in store you get a free tall drink, which is nice 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks VIA Colombia

  1. I was really surprised with the Starbucks instant coffee – it was way better than I was expecting! I can still definitely taste the difference between it and their drip/proper coffee, but I think in general I would happily use it as a substitute when time is an issue. Which did you end up deciding on? Starbucks or Kenco?

    1. Based on those 2 totally the Starbucks! The Kenco one has too much of an instant taste. I’m on the look out for for more options so if you see any let me know 🙂

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