Adventures in Coffee…Starbucks Eggnog Latte

Christmas has begun!

I know the red cups came out at the beginning of the month but I have been holding back from having them as I love the flavours and it can hurt my wallet!

But I went into town yesterday lunch for a wander and purchased a number of Christmas presents successfully, although unplanned. So I decided to treat myself to a red cup 🙂

The Eggnog Latte is my absolute favourite!

I’m not sure why. Maybe because eggnog isn’t a big thing over in the UK at all so it’s the only time I have it, which makes it really Christmassy. Or it could be because I love creamy coffee, but never let myself have coffee with cream, but this is the exception.

I love that it is creamy and has the slight spice flavours of Christmas without being over powering. I ordered a tall (usually I go for a grande) and it was actually a bit too much. I did drink it all, but I think I would have preferred an even smaller cup as it is so creamy.

I really love the red cups this year too!

I went to my least favourite store in town to get this and had to wait a while. It’s right in the centre and is still pretty new so there were a lot of people there. It did give me chance to look at the gifts though!

I want them all!

But I’ll probably just get the Christmas Blend for myself 🙂

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