Canada Trip Goals

The main aim of going to Canada on an extended break is to get away from it all.

However I am not good at doing nothing and therefore have to have few goals to achieve while I am away.

  • Track My Food – I’m not worried about the nutritional values, but I want to keep tracking to ensure I try to keep a healthy lifestyle and do not slip into ‘holiday’ mode for 2 months. I haven’t decided whether I’ll track online or just keep it as part of my travel journal yet.
  • Walk Everywhere – I will have no car while I’m away so this should be easy. I will also have not schedule to keep and deadlines to meet so I plan to walk everywhere. Except when I travel to Whistler and Seattle, but once there I will be walking.
  • Swim Once A Week – I want to keep up my swimming as I have put so much effort into in the last few months and would like to maintain a good standard of swimming for my return. I would like to swim more, but it will depend on where I am so I have set this so I’m not hard on myself if I can’t get to a pool.
  • One Hundred Push Up Challenge – as I have also been working on my strength through weight lifting I want to carry on doing something. My sports therapist has been on at me to do more pushups and since I won’t have access to a gym i thought I would do this challenge in the hostels I stay at. It would be great to start and finish the challenge while away.
Most of all though I want to HAVE FUN!
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