121 Swim Coaching

I really haven’t blogged properly in a long time, because I have been doing so much swimming in the last month.

I had my last pre-paid 121 swim coaching session this morning with Steve from Swimpodium. It has been amazing to have a coach and I am definitely going to have more sessions when I return from travelling.

The main thing that has changed has nothing really to do with just swimming. My confidence has increased so much in the sessions and I know it has spread out into other aspects of my life. After the first sit down with Steve to discuss what I was looking to do and what he could help me with I have felt elated. I finally found someone who believes in me for something that I am not (and never will be) the best at but love and want to learn about. Having the confidence to give things a go and not worry about if it goes wrong, just trying and adapting and then trying again has been fantastic.

Swimming wise I can’t believe how much I have improved. So much so I have recently taken part in my club galas, but more on that in a week after they are all complete.

We started off looking and focusing on my front crawl as this is what I use in my open water swimming. Looking back we went right back to basics and looked at head position and arm movement. By getting these 2 areas correct the body position flows naturally through the water. I feel more efficient when swimming now and have not worried about my shoulder in weeks.

Steve has also helped me understand and use paddles and fins more effectively. I am now happy to put them on and use them to improve my technique even when swimming completely on my own. Each time I get out of the pool I can’t wait to get back in.

We have also looked at my butterfly and breaststroke. Both of which I am okay on, I just need to increase my fitness in order to help me in the water.

Today we focused on backstroke and it was great. The first time I swam with Steve we looked at all strokes quickly just to see where I was and he said forget backstroke as I’m completely off on everything. I left today’s session swimming stronger at backstroke than I ever have !

I have always felt that the 121 sessions are like personal training but in the pool. I come out feeling strong, but tired. I love that feeling.

There are now things I need to work on to help with my swimming and I am determined to focus on these. Steve has said he will look at my diet and help me there. Losing weight will definitely help with swimming as there will be less of me to pull through the water. He is also going to start doing gym work with people he works with to make sure we are doing the right work outside of the pool to help in the pool.

I have also been doing a lot of reading and British Swimming is a great site full of interesting articles and suggestions about swimming. also it contains all the information you can ask for about ranking and results and the British Swim team. I am now following a lot of them on Twitter and am learning so much, from simple tips to websites with more substantial information.

There is more to the world of swimming than I knew and I love it!

Image from Swimpodium

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