Making Plans

Last week I got my confirmation from my work that I allowed to take 2 months off and go travelling!

I needed it in writing to be sure it was true. I still was thinking at the back of my mind that I would be handing in my notice as they wouldn’t agree to it. Am I a pessimist or what?

So now I have it all confirmed I can start booking things!

So far I have booked:

  • Vancouver Hostel
  • Whistler Hostel
  • Seattle Hostel
  • Whistler Ski Pass, rental and lessons (early booking discount yay)
  • A spa day at Whistler for after the skiing 🙂

I think this is all I will book before I go as I want to be flexible too. I just like knowing I have a place to sleep every night.

I am getting very excited now! It is about 2 months until I go and I get the Christmas break off before, so I get about 10 weeks off work in total. Fantastic!

I’m hoping that I just need a break more than anything and I can start next year on a high with the future to look forward to 🙂

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