Weekend of Movies

This weekend turned into a weekend of watching movies without even thinking about it.

I love it when that happens 🙂

The movies I watched this weekend:

Despicable Me

I recorded this and decided to watch it on Saturday. It was a good fun film to watch. It didn’t require much concentration. I loved the minions, they were the funniest part.

The Lion King 3D

I finally got around to going to the cinema to re0watch The Lion King. I love this movie. I can’t believe it first came out in cinemas in 1994! I dragged Sian along and loved every minute of it. I was singing the songs in my head all the way through. I don’t think 3D added anything to it, but I loved it anyway!

I Am Number 4

I have wanted to watch this for a while and quite enjoyed it. It was interesting and a good pace. The characters were good, but the evil ones let it down I thought. Not enough back story of why they where there and what they were after. I enjoyed watching it though.


This was a re-watch while a few of us chatted away last night. Just an excuse to look at Bradley Cooper 🙂

A good weekend of movies. I would like to make progress on the 250 list, but I never seem to get round to it. Maybe I will try to watch one a month to at least make some head way on it!

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