Autumn Resolve

I have decided to set myself an Autumn Resolve all the way until Christmas.

I have been looking at my spending habits over the past few months and have realised I have been spending money without thinking. I have not gotten myself into trouble with banks or anything like that, I just know I have been spending money necessarily. The main problem is spending money before I have it each month. I’m not sure how this started but one month I must have spent too much and then spent the normal amount the months after always leaving a gap at the end of each month.

As my Canada trip only just over 2 months away I want to stop this before I go away.

So my Autumn Resolve is to cut out all unnecessary spending and get back on track with regarding to incoming and outgoing.

After looking through my spending habits I have decided I can put my unnecessary spending into a few categories:

  • Coffee – Costa/Starbucks trip to blog
  • Unhealthy food
  • Make Up before I run out
  • Clothes
  • Notepads – I have too many already
  • Music I don’t listen to straight away
  • Books I just want – the main problem with having a Kindle!

So November and December are going to be about bringing everything back in line so I can go on my trip with the money I have saved up. Things are going to be tighter as with Christmas coming up it’s time to spend money on other people. I am hoping this will meet my shopping desires.

I have thought of a few things to do when I want to go and spend money:

  • Gym – Weights
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Photography
  • Blog
  • Cook meals for work lunches and week night dinners
  • Get friends together for catch ups

I am going to be strict with myself as next year I want to move out and will need to be better with my money in order to pay for things I haven’t needed to pay for this year (I do pay rent!).

I am also going to spend time researching alternatives to the products I use. I am sure I can cut back on my spending by changing some brands that are more expensive than I really need.

So that is my Autumn Resolve. I was going to call it a challenge, but it sounded too confrontational. I also thought of using something instead of autumn, but I like autumn, it feels warm and cosy and a time to be proactive.

I also want to say sorry to my friends for the next few months as I imagine I will be saying no a lot more than normal. Maybe 6 months as it might take a while to get things together when I return. Totally up for walks and movie nights in though! 🙂

I am determined!

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