How do you fit everything you need to do into life?

I’ve been asking myself why I don’t get round to things lately and my answer has been ‘I don’t have the time’.

There are so many things I want to do and other things I need/have to do that I wonder how I ever get everything done.

Its usually the things that don’t have deadlines that get put to the back of the queue. I develop short cuts to make things easier. I stop consciously doing things once they become habit. But there are always more things to do.

My counsellor asked me to complete a kind of life time table for a couple of weeks. From my food diary I did the weeks before we knew my eating times are in the evening when I’m alone. So he wanted me to plan out my days, evening mostly. This is because I have quite long evenings. i am a morning person and having a flexi-time system at work allows me to come in early and then leave early, often giving me a couple more hours in the evening than my friends.

Looking back I used to exercise in the mornings, but as I now exercise with friends we find evenings easier to get together. I prefer exercising with them as its more fun and also takes up evening time.

I often get home and go straight upstairs, especially when my parents are home. Not because I don’t like them, but because my space is upstairs. Downstairs is their area and sometimes I feel like I’m in the way. Also the questions start and sometimes I just want to not talk for a while.

However I am neglecting things I think would help me with living a healthy life. After reading Laura’s Blog I know that these will help me as they did before:

  • I don’t spend time preparing my lunches
  • I don’t spend time cooking

Maybe this is because the kitchen is mum’s space. She doesn’t mind me being there at all, but I do. I’m not relaxed when they are around. I worry they judge me and therefore judge everything I do. It’s me mind reading as I know they just care and are interested in what i am doing.

That sounds bad and it is really nothing like that in my house, but I think being 26 and still living at home is taking its toll.

Anyway, I wrote down my timetable and then went on holiday and haven’t looked at it since. I’m not good at structuring all my time, but I know I need to have more structure than I do on nights when I haven’t got plans with people.

I need to schedule time in to prepare and cook. I also need to schedule in time to exercise and study. I do not want to feel guilty for missing anything so it needs to be flexible, but I would also like to stop feeling guilty when I spend some time doing very little, such as watching TV or reading. I need those time for me, so really I need to make time for them too 🙂

I would have lots of time if I didn’t work a full time job, but I have to be able to pay for everything I do outside of work!

So this week I am going to make time to:

  • Plan lunches for next week at work
  • Cook an evening meal I can use for lunch as well
  • Write a food shopping list
Another suggestion my counsellor had was to make a list of things to do for those times when I can’t think of anything to do. I will do that this week as well as if I have that on the wall I can start using it.
Maybe I’m really bored when I don’t think I am. It’s worth a try 🙂
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