Does This Make Me A Royal?

Yesterday my home town was officially renamed from Wootton Bassett to Royal Wootton Bassett.

The town received the new name in recognition of the repatriations that have taken place over the past few years. The event felt like a celebration, but it was also to remember and show that we care about people that have died for the country.

It was a day of respect and honour for the town. It was also fun to be a part of. Walking up the high street and seeing people lining the street with smiles on their faces was wonderful. Me, Sian and Kate walked up after lunch to see what was going on. We recognised a few faces from our school days, but I think there were more people from outside the town there than locals!

Princess Anne came to make the renaming official and David Cameron also made an appearance.

We didn’t have the best view, but being part of the crowd and watching the fly pasts was great.

We saw the parade and had a laugh.


In the end Royal Wootton Bassett will always just be good old Bassett to everyone who lives there.

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