More About Swimming

So by now you know I love swimming!

So much so I’ll go and swim between 2 piers!

I’ve found because of my shoulder issues over the last year I have not been enjoying getting in the pool as much as I used to.

I am afraid of hurting myself again.

I have put on weight and am not as fit.

I have not confidence to take part in the galas.

I’ve basically lost my passion for swimming…


Until I took a swimming lesson with Steve form Swimpodium!

I got in the pool last Wednesday morning before work and had the best time. I felt good. I felt strong. I felt like someone believed in me (more than I do myself.

Steve had me concentrating on front crawl as I like distance swimming. I started out with 23 strokes per length in a 25 metre pool. CRAZY! I was using so much effort to move my arms but not transferring it to moving forward through the pool.

Over the course of the hour session Steve gradually got me to change my position in the water. Focusing on my where my head is and what my arms are doing. He was nice and let me wear fins so I could keep going. I got my stroke count down to 11/12 with find. When I took them off I thought I would shoot back up, but I kept my average at 14 strokes per length without fins!

I was so shocked and happy. I did not think I would make that much improvement in one session.

We also looked at a couple of other strokes, but I won’t go into them just yet – still need work!

I left with such a high and couldn’t wait to get back in the pool to practice what I had learned. So i did the following day and loved it.

I’ve got a few sessions with the club before I see Steve again, but I cannot wait. He pushed me and it felt good.

He even suggested I might be doing a 10k swim next year! We will see…

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