Beyond Chocolate Part 4

I have been carrying on with my Beyond Chocolate principles and am still working on the same ones as last time.

It’s been hard going. Occasionally I’ve given myself permission to binge, which is what I would like to stop doing.

I’ve been doing okay with eating from a plate. I took on board one suggestion in the book and bought a pack of paper plates to keep in my desk at work as I’m so lazy when I’m there.

I have realised I am getting better at the next principle though.

Stop When You Are Satisfied.

This was one that I thought was going to be very hard, but as I keep reminding myself that I can eat when I get hungry, stopping my meals when I don’t want anymore is becoming easier.

It doesn’t work when I binge, but that is a different thought pattern where I do not tend to be aware of anything else but the binge. This will take more work, but I’m more than willing to put the effort in.

The next principle is:


As my awareness is increasing I am finding I do not want to eat things I know I won’t enjoy, so I don’t. I’m making an effort to eat what I will enjoy at that moment in time. Sometimes it’s hard as I cannot afford to go and buy food every time I get hungry, but I am being more informed about my decisions to eat.

I am really liking this book and the principles. I am increasing my awareness around food and my associated decisions. I hope this I can then transfer to when I am in binge eating mode and slowly alter those thoughts and behaviours to healthier ones that will benefit me.

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