Beyond Chocolate Part 3

Eating when I’m hungry is harder than I thought it would be. I so often eat when I am not hungry.

I kept asking myself all week ‘Am I Hungry?’ sometimes the answer was yes, but more often it was no. I did quite well as the beginning and the end of the week, with finding something else to do when I wanted to eat when I wasn’t hungry. Thursday and Friday did not go so well. I bought a smaller notebook and have started to write down my conversations at these times. I hope this will help me see things more clearly.

I am going to carry on with this, but am also going to bring in the next 2 principles:

  • Eat whatever you want
  • Put it on a plate, sit down and focus

The first one scares me. Of course I can eat whatever I want, but those are usually the times when I feel out of control. I know it does not mean ‘whenever’ you want, as the ‘eat when you are hungry’ principle still applies. But for some reason my brain goes into panic/jubilation mode.

The second principle above seems more achievable. I would like to stop eating on the go and actually make time to sit down and eat. The amount of times I forget what I have eaten, or eat a meal so quickly I don’t taste any of it, saddens me. I like food and I want to enjoy it.

“Food is only food. It has no personality, and it is not intrinsically good or bad. Eating the foods we like when we want them means we no longer feel the need and desire to have them all the time …. they lose their power and become ordinary.”

I think the above it true. I give food the power to control me. I put food on a pedestal and worship it. I want to enjoy food, but I don’t want to think about it constantly, only when I get hungry.

The book tells us to stock up on the foods we consider to be ‘forbidden’. Buy more than you could possibly eat in one day. Allow yourself to have some when you are hungry and want it. This bit scares me. I also worry about what other people think. How can I stock up a cupboard at home with cakes, chocolate, bread, biscuits and ice-cream and be thought to be healthy? I know plenty of people have these food in their homes, so why can’t I? This is an ongoing argument in my head. I think it is going to be the hardest principle to follow as it is completely different from the diet mentality I’ve become accustomed to. I am going to work on this one, but I think I will not happen until I go on my trip. I’ll be away from everyone and normal life and can be me.

“By putting the food on a plate, sitting down and eating without the usual distractions we are giving ourselves a chance to really slow down. This makes it so much easier to eat when we are hungry, to know when we are satisfied and to decide what we want to eat. It also makes it easier to stop overeating.”

It’s about officialising the moment. There is no eating on the run, fitting in a bite to eat between meetings, It is about making the time to site and eat and be in the moment. So often I spend lunch thinking about what I have to do that afternoon or deciding what I want for dinner. I don’t realise I’ve eaten my lunch. This feel more of a rule than the other principles, however I am not going to become obsessed with it. It is more about making the time and spending it thinking about what you are currently do – eating!

I really feel like I’m trying with this. It is hard work, but it is the way I want my relationship with food to be. I spend so much time living in the past and future that focusing on being in the present is good for me.

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