This year I have really been clacking on my fitness. I’ve had no goal in mind since I did Kilimanjaro last year (post to come). I know I just completed the Pier to Pier Swim, but I didn’t train for it, I just wanted to complete it.

This year has really been about getting my shoulder back to normal. This year I’ve worked hard with a sports therapist and my shoulder is so much better than this time last year. However I have a wall that I can’t break through when swimming. I worry that if I speed up I will hurt it again. Sprinting has been a big no no. Distance depends on how it feels. I think I’m also a lazy swimmer when it comes to technique.

Therefore I am going to start taking swimming lessons!

I haven’t taken a swimming lesson since I was 14 or 15 most likely. It will be very interesting to hear what bad habits I have picked up.

My goal is to do more open water swims next summer. I have already looked what will be on and the main season is July, with a few either side and into September.

This means I have something to look forward to and focus on when I return from my Canada Trip 🙂

I want to get fitter and improve my health, through better heart function, losing weight and increased muscle strength. Also eating right of course!

I wanted to write this down so it becomes real. The rest of 2011 will focus on technique in the pool. Then a break while I’m away. Then come back and prepare for open water.

I also want to find a swimming club that has open water sessions. But I’ll leave that for another time…

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