Canada Adventure

My trip to Canada has evolved so much since I decided to go in January. I look at my life a lot differently than I did back at that time as well. I may have had depression, but it was diagnosed. I wanted out of my everyday life. I wanted freedom and less responsibilities. I wanted to get away from everyone who knew me as I thought that would let me discover who I really am.

Now I’m working to accept who I am. I look at things differently. I focus on making decisions based on how I feel, while trying to stop worrying about what other people think. I am really thinking about what I want from my life.

I want to travel and learn.

In order to do both of these things I need to work, and work hard. I like working hard and achieving things. I also like rewarding myself with adventures to new places.

Canada is not a new place. I have been there before. I want to go back, but for different reasons than before. I also want a break.

So I am shortening my trip down to about 6 weeks.

I thought about previous travelling I have done, and decided as I won’t be focusing on looking for work, 6-8 weeks is more than enough time.

I looked at what I want to do while away:

  • Re-explore Vancouver and its changes
  • Go Skiing and more in Whistler
  • Visit Seattle and the surrounding area

I can split this into 2 weeks in each place easily. It won’t be like this in reality, but approximate timing is a staring point.

This also means I will take less of a break from work. This is the downside, but due to the current economic climate I feel lucky to have a job that will offer and allow me to take extended time off.

Another reason for changing my mind is that there are so many other places I want to visit! In order to be able to go to these places I need to save money. To be abel to save money I need a job. I have a job and that currently allows me to do this.

I also want to move out of my parents house. Soon.

My trip has been an adventure again and I’m more excited than I have been all year!

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