Basic Photography

Last night Sian and I headed to the local Camera Club. It has just started back up after the summer break and we are looking forward to getting into the swing of things this year. We also want to get photos in for the competitions so we are picking up any tips and advice we can as well as getting out and taking photos.

Last night was a much-needed talk on Basic Photography. The alternative title for the talk was The Art of Seeing. I much preferred the alternative title as I felt that it more what photography is about to me. Seeing things and being able to capture them in photos to remember forever.

The talk focused on 3 areas:

  • Composition
  • Techniques
  • Subjects
  • The rule of thirds – about where to place the subjects by using lines along the third.
  • Space around the subject – this is important, you don’t want too much or too little and around moving subjects is important
  • Fill the frame – making your subject obvious, not part of a wider scene
  • Watch your background – watch out for objects or colours than impact on the subject
  • Use the foreground – include something of interest to add to the image
  • Framing – is about leading the eye to the subject
  • The decisive moment – when to press the shutter is all about practice and patience
  • Be prepared – always have a camera on you as you never know what you’ll see anywhere
  • Use the light
  • Tell a story – be able to explain why you took a photo
  • Viewpoint – vary it and don’t be afraid to try a few
  • Focal Length
  • People
  • Patterns and Textures
  • Shops
  • Weather
It was very interesting and I definitely learnt a few or 20 things from the talk. Both of us thought it would be a bit more technical than it was, so went prepared with our cameras and manuals. We spent the break trying out a few things in low light. I think it is going to take practice and just getting out there and taking pictures and trying different settings. We have a couple of trips planned for the weekend as the first composition entries are due in a couple of weeks!
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