Soup… Red Lentil, Chickpea and Chilli

This is my first official Adventures in Cooking… Soup post.

I had fun spending time cooking and taking photos along the way. It made me think about the recipe more than I would normally.

My first soup of winter 2011 was the Red Lentil, Chickpea and Chilli Soup from BBC Good Food. I choose soups I liked the sound of without looking at the calories or anything. My aim was to try new soups as a way to break certain food habits that I find destructive.

I got all my ingredients out and ready.

Also the recipe on the computer.

The first step was to dry fry the cumin seeds and chilli flakes. It smelt so good.

I then decided to swap to a bigger pot as I didn’t think it would all fit in the frying pan 🙂

In went the onions and oil.

I got the tinned tomatoes, stock and red lentils ready, while the onion fried.

Then all those went in the pot and simmered for 15 minutes until the lentils were soft.

I got the chick peas ready while it was simmered away and smelling yum.

Then I skipped blending the soup and just added the chick peas straight away for a more chunky soup.

I then cooked this for a bit longer until everything was heated through.

I would like to get more creative at my food photos as I’m not sure they show what I saw. Practice needed.

I served myself a small portion on Friday night with a dollop of greek yogurt.

I then had this for lunch today without the yogurt, but next time I would add the yogurt again as it did add creaminess to the soup that went down nicely.

I really recommend this soup. It is very filling and warming and easy to reheat in the microwave.

Stay tuned for my next adventure in soup 🙂

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