Adventures in Books… At Home

I was bad in August and rather than read the book club book I got hooked on a different book.

At Home: A short history of private life

I love reading Bill Bryson. I first read A Short History Of Nearly Everything and then Notes From A Small Island. I love his style of writing. It flows very well. I don’t know how else to describe it, but I imagine you will either love his style or hate it. It is very distinct and matter of fact.

‘The irresistible book by Bill Bryson which does for the history of the way we live what A Short History of Nearly Everything did for science.’

The book really does do this. I loved the journey I took through the house and into the past and how things we take for granted today came about. The story of stairs and modern toilet are worlds from where we are now, but the actual changes did not take place that long ago really. There is so much information in the book that I will never remember it all, but I feel informed after reading it.

The chapters were long and there were times I had to go back and check where we were in the house and recap over why were talking about certain things. But it all had a purpose, even if sometimes they were obscure. House we live in today and the home life we have are so different from 100 -150 years ago that it was amazing to read how slowly or quickly changes came about.

I rarely read non-fiction. Bill Bryson is one of few exceptions I have found I like. Her has realised many more books than the ones I have mentioned and I am sure I will continue to work my way through his work. However I do need to be in the mood for reading non-fiction. I suppose this is the same with fiction, but I find it much easier to be transported into a different word than read about the current world.

This book was non-fiction, but a lot of the story was based 100 years ago and therefore far enough away from the present that it felt unknown.

I would recommend A Short History Of Nearly Everything before this book to get into the author’s writing style, but this book is definitely worth a read for something a bit different but close to everyone.

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