Tired But Good

Today I’ve been tired, but it has been good.

Did BodyJam and BodyPump with Linz.

Then book club with Sian, Jen and Kate.

Calories = 1829

Carbohydrates = 38%

Protein = 18%

Fat = 44%

Fibre = 27 grams

Overall not a bad day. I wasn’t hungry for no reason at any point. I think I let myself get too hungry after exercise and before dinner, but I really wanted a shower.

Today’s Menu:

  • Breakfast = oatmeal with jam and almond butter
  • Snack = granola square
  • Lunch = chicken and houmous sandwich followed by plums
  • Snack = apple with cinnamon
  • Dinner = omelette with peas, tomato and onion and melted cheddar and camembert
  • Snack = dark chocolate
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