Pier to Pier Swim

Today was the Pier to Pier Swim organised by the British Heart Foundation.

It was an open sea swim of 1.4 miles from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier. This year there was 2 swims as so many people wanted to take part. I was in the 10am swim (the second swim) and the other swim was at 12pm.

The weather was miserable but Mum and I walked from Boscombe to Bournemouth at 8:30am to check in and get ready.

It was pouring with rain but as the time came for the safety brief the rain went off. Mum got soaked but dried off not the walk back to Boscombe while I was swimming.

We were stood by the markers waiting for everyone to arrive.

I took random photos of everyone waiting in their wetsuits and the brave ones in just swimwear!

There was a great atmosphere while everyone got ready. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I would be. Maybe because it wasn’t a race. No one was officially timed, only a few people had watches on to do their own times. It was just about being there and taking part. So here I am in my wetsuit.

I then left Mum, who managed to find my Dad and their friends – my cheer squad (although they forgot to bring pompoms!)

I headed down to the start. Mum managed to get the surf rescue team in there!


I then got them to come down to the beach as everyone was still waiting around for the start.

I was number 1234 🙂

It was then time to go. I hung back and let all the fast people go.

Once I was in it was great! I got into a good pace and just swam. I overtook a lot of people within the first 5 minutes. i should have started with the front ones. I was really surprised the amount of people swimming breaststroke. I swam front crawl all the way. I didn’t worry at all as there were so many lifeguards on boats, jet bikes, surf boards that if we started heading out to sea they would head us off and point us in the right direction. The swim felt like it went really fast – because it did!

My cheer squad said I did it in around 35 minutes. This was fantastic as I was thinking I would do it in 45 minutes. It was then time to grab my medal and the complimentary hot drink and bottle of water.

I am definitely signing up again next year! It was a fun swim to do 🙂

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