Wandering Along the Inca Trail

Back in 2008 I went on my first trekking trip. I had lost a lot of weight and this was the trip to get to me to goal (but then I started working and the weight crept back on). The trip strengthened my love of walking as I found trekking a more extreme or adventurous version.

I wanted to share my trip with you even though it was so long ago. It was fantastic!

My sister and I have fantastic memories and still laugh about little things we remember at odd times 🙂

We decided to go with Exodus on the Inca Trail and the Amazon Rainforest trip.  It was a fantastic option. We started in Lime then flew to the Amazon Rainforest for a few days of exploring (scary). We then headed to Cuzco for some more exploring around there. We then started the 4 day trekking of the Inca Trail. It is an amazing walk. There is so much to look at that you forget you are walking.

Completeling the trek was amazing for me. After most of my life doing no activity to have work hard and got to the point where I could do this without any problems felt fantastic.

After the trek we headed to Lake Titicaca to stay with a a local family for the night. This was amazing as well. It was so nice spending time with local people even if we couldn’t understand each other.

We tried a lot of local foods and drinks. The Pisco Sour is worth a go. Although it doesn’t taste the same back home as it did when we were in the thermal pools at the bottom of Machu Picchu. We also tried the local speciality food – guinea pig! Not worth it and also not the best experiment the night before starting a trek ;). I had a pet guinea pig and I even tried it.

On to the photos!

One of the first photos I take in the Amazon rainforest – bananas! I love bananas and Amazon Rainforest ones are the best I’ve ever eaten!

First afternoon in the rainforest. It was hot and humid!

This was the group.

We saw a alligator/crocidile (I can’t remember which one).

I tried to make friends with a baby lama.

At the start of the trek. The group reduced in size as some couldn’t get permits for the Inca Trail so did the high route.

Dinners up! This was in someone’s home.

The first camp.

At the top of the highest pass we had to climb. It was cold up there and very windy!

The next camp.

The entire group. the fantastic porters who carried our bags. They often ran past us to set up the next camp.

A beautiful rest stop.

Some very steep stairs.

Our first glimpse. I’m a bit sweaty 🙂

Me and my sister.

We made it!

Final camp at the bottom of Machu Picchu. Plus the dog that wouldn’t let me near the toilets!

In the ruins.

Just amazing.

Better built than some of todays buildings!

The sun came out for this perfect view. As there was a train strike the day we were there it meant there were no tourists just up for a day trip. It was so quiet. I managed to get a photos with basically no one in it!

This was the family we stayed with on Lake Titicaca.

Helen trying to peel potatoes with a very big knife. We weren’t very good at this.

Helen trying to spin yarn. We were even worse at this!

They dressed us up in traditional dress. Sorry about the blurriness.

Everyone after we danced the night away!

We really enjoyed staying with the family.

This was my meal on the last night. It was the weirdest combination on the menu. Eggs, sale, fired banana, sausage, steak, rice and chips!

This was a different version of a pisco sour. It had creme and coffee in I think. I remember liking it 🙂

Last photo of the group.

There were a few karaoke nights on this trip which were so funny! Our guide was fantastic and the group was fantastic. I was such a fun and amazing trip. I would recommend it to anyone. I want to go back to Peru and explore more, even do the Inca Trail again 🙂

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