Back to Basics

Today has gone really quickly. It has also been a day of new things – new lunch box, new study routine, new outlook – I will give more details on these soon 🙂

Todays Menu:

  • Breakfast = Greek yogurt with seeds, oats, honey and banana
  • Lunch = Bagel with hot smoked salmon, houmous and lettuce and a Pecan Pie Nak’d Bar
  • Snack = apple with cinnamon
  • Snack = 2 ryvita thins (before sports therapy to stop stomach making noises!)
  • Dinner = Jacket potato with baked beans and cheese
  • Snack = Green and Blacks Chocolate (organic and 70% 🙂 )
  • Coffee = 1
  • Green tea = 2
  • Tea = 1
  • Herbal Tea = 2
  • Water = lots
Overall a pretty good day. I did get hungry mid afternoon, but that could have been a mixture of losing motivation at work (always between 2 and 3pm) and being tired. I should try to take 20 minute nap, but I might not wake up until work is over!
Calories = 1847
Carbohydrates = 49%
Protein = 19%
Fat = 33%
Fibre = 43 grams
I’m very happy with today’s profile as well. I seem to strike quite a good balance on a fairly normal day, which is what I’m working for really. A healthy balanced approach.
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