A Day Off

So I had the day off from work today and me and a couple of friends headed for some monkeying around, but I’ll blog about that later 🙂

Today has been a good day. I’ve eaten well and got some fun exercise in.

Today Menu:

  • Bagel with almond butter, jam and banana
  • Heinz Organic Tomato Soup with Bread
  • Nak’s Cocoa Loco Bar
  • Dinner = Lemon Chicken (mum cooked)
  • Dessert = Green & Blacks Espresso Chocolate and Plums and bread with lemon curd
  • Coffee = 2
  • Tea = 3
  • Water = plenty
Total calories = 1804
Carbohydrates = 50%
Protein = 25%
Fat = 25%
Fibre = 42 grams
A very good profile and one that I would like to see more often.
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