A Fresh Week

So the weekend was what it was. I had a good time overall. Caught up on some sleep. Did a 3000 metre session at swimming. Went down to Boscombe. Swam in the Sea for a practice. Food wise I don’t want to go there. It was what it was and I am moving on from it.

Saturday even started with odd socks that I didn’t notice until halfway through the day!

Today has been great. I started off with a lie in as it’s a Bank Holiday. Then went Body Pump with my friend Linz. It was a killer session, but we worked it.

I didn’t eat anything until about 2pm. This is totally not normal for me, but I was feeling pretty crap and just wasn’t hungry.

When I did get hungry I enjoyed the food I had:

  • Lunch = Hot smoked salmon bagel with lettuce and a bit of houmous
  • Dessert = Nak’d Cashew Cookie Bar
  • Snack = Nak’d Apple Pie bar
  • Dinner = Homemade potato wedges with grated cheese
    Dessert = greek yogurt with sunflower and pumpkin seeds, oats, sultanas and honey
  • Snack = Toast with lemon curd

I’ve had 1531 calories. 47% from carbohydrates. 21% from protein. 32% from fat. 21 grams of fibre in there too. Not a bad profile today at all 🙂

Photos from the weekend and today:

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