Adventures in Coffee… Starbucks Chai Tea Latte

Okay I know this isn’t technically coffee, but it is from a coffee shop and therefore it counts.

I have been going out for hot drinks quite a lot recently. I find it easier to work when I’m out. maybe it’s the background noise or the time restriction I unconsciously impose on myself by only allowing myself to buy one drink, but I’m very productive at these times.

It is also nice to get out of the house, especially when no one is around. It feels like I’m not on my own in a way. Weird maybe?

I rarely have the Chai Tea Latte. It is my sister’s favourite. I like the spice, but I do find it a bit sweet. I think this is because it is made with a syrup base. Maybe if they made it with a tea base I would like it more.

One the mug – the Starbucks logo – just in case you forget where you are 😉

From the top you can’t really see what it is. There is more foam on this one than on ones I have had in the past.

I chose this one on this particular day as I was feeling a bit low and wanted something comforting (I also had a scone). I think I will save this for colder times in the future as it reminded me of winter, rather than mid August. I was also left with the spice after taste which wasn’t great once I was back out in the sun.

I do like this drink, but I think I had it at the wrong time. I’ll give it another go in the future. I imagine my trip to Canada will involve visiting lots of coffee shops 🙂

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